Mouthguards are very important safety devices that do a lot more than most people think.

A correctly made mouthguard is custom made to suit the idividual therefore age and type of sport must be taken into consideration before prescibing a mouthguard. Protect moutguards offer amazing protection and many features not found elsewhere. We have been manufacturing Protect Mouthguards in Australia for over 30 years!

Intra Oral Scans now accepted !

Concussion can be a big problem! Energy is absorbed by the mouthguard and less force is transmitted to help protect the jaw joint. This can help minimise the occurrence of concussion.

It's True. The fit accuracy of a mouthguard is directly dependant on the impression. Now with digital impression systems becoming commonplace Fabdent can deliver the perfect fit, everytime. Of course we can also digitise conventional impressions and create a Protect Mouthguard from them however only rubber based materials travel well, so consider these types first as these will generally yield the most accurate results.

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PROSPORT Single Layer Mouthguard

Simple Bite Balancing

Intimate Fit

PROSTAR Dual Layer Light Mouthguard

Bite Balancing

Intimate Fit

PROACE Dual Layer Heavy Mouthguard

Bite Balancing

Clear Comfort Band

PRO MAX Triple Layer Mouthguard

3-3 Internal Layer

Bite Balancing

Clear Comfort Band

Choose from various colours and combinations

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We have been making Mouthguards for more than 30 years and now it's your turn to compare and find out the difference a Protect brand of Mouthguard from Fabdent can make to your dental practice .

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