Turnaround Times

Everyone is busy and time is precious, we understand this perfectly. To have a smooth running business with your work always on time we both need to be mindful that good work takes a little time to do.

We have set a schedule for work that will allow our lab and your businees to be effecient, punctual and help give your patients a better overall experience.

Truline Invisible Aligners    

5- 10 Days from approval

Implaguide Surgical Gudes  

3-5 Days from approval

Ceramics   5-7 Days

DigiSplint    5 Days

i-expander   5 Days

Orthodontic    5-7 Days

Click Retainers  3 Days

Sleep Appliances  5-7 Days

Mouthguards   5 Days

Days or  "Days in Lab" means normal days Monday to Friday and excludes wekends and public holidays and delivery days. Always consider delivery days as extra to these days. Delivery times vary depending on area. Metropolitan Sydney is one day, Express Post is normally one day in most capital cities but may be longer in some regional areas. It is best for customers to check these times to make sure work will come to you on time. We may be able to arrange a alternate courier service if delivery times are not satisfactory with Express Postal service.

A RUSH service is available at an extra 20% premium on top of our normal charges.


If you would like FREE DELIVERY and FREE PICKUP we can arrange this but the cost of your products will be higher.

There is no such thing as FREE freight , it's a gimmick.

We will charge you only what it costs us for pickup and delivery charges.

Remake Policy

Our remake policy is very simple:

Unless the item is returned to us on the original model with original bite that we made the job with we cannot consider the case for a free remake. We will need to evaluate the individual case and we will remake it free of charge only if it meets the remake criteria.

Generally a 50% Remake fee is applicable to any case not making the free remake criteria.

If you automatically send a new impression or model or intra Oral Scan you will usually be charged 50% remake fee. WHY? Because obviously the model we originally made the job on is faulty or has changed is in some way, regardless if it was an impression, model or Intra Oral Scan.

We take all care but cannot take any responsibility for faulty models, Impressions or scans. We are not responsible for accepting a case if it has been presented to us with a faulty impression model or Intra Oral Scan. You are always responsible for the integrity and accuracy of impressions, models or scans. We will always advise you if we think there is an obvious issue but we cannot call every case.



Of course there will always be some cases that need to be remade and don't meet the remake criteria. Just talk to us and we will always work out a suitable compromise.

For digital design files: we will remake a case for which we are sent a digital file if the following criteria are met:

          The design file provided by the customer meets the design and fit requirements for the material (e.g. minimum thickness, connector size, cement gap, indication)

          The failure modes for the case for which we will do the remake are (1) if the unit breaks or (2) if we fail to match the prescribed shade.

          Units that have been improperly ground on may become compromised and will not be remade for free.

          Units that are to be remade must be sent back to Fabdent

For cases which a physical model is provided: we will remake a case for which we are sent a physical model if the following criteria are met:

          The failure modes for the case for which we will do the remake are (1) if the unit breaks or (2) if we fail to match the prescribed shade or (3) if the unit does not fit the model

          If you are concerned about how we will design a particular case, you may always request a design review on your workorder.  We will send you a 3D HTML file of the case that you can approve or request changes to before the case if fabricated.

          Units that have been improperly ground on may become compromised and will not be remade for free.

          Units that are to be remade must be sent back to Fabdent

Fabdent offers free remakes for cases according to the above terms. Fabdent does not offer refunds, credits or compensation.

Accounts Policy

If you pay on time you will not be charged any extra fees or charges.

We do understand from time to time this can't be done so all we ask is that you contact us to work out a payment schedule.

All late accounts will incur charges PER MONTH PER INVOICE as we cannot be responsible for your credit past our resonable regular terms.

We work on a 30 day account system. We will send you a statement at the end of each month and expect it to be paid in full before the end of the following month. For example June Statement must be paid in full by the end of July.

All Credit Cards are accepted. There are no credit card fees payable for any account kept in good order.

A $30 per month per invoice past due administration charge is applicable to all overdue accounts. If you find this unfair please pay your accounts on time and you will avoid it.

We already offer up to 60 days credit, past this we offer no credit.

All invoices are emailed to you on the day the item is shipped. Statements monthly. If you have any issues with statements or invoices contact us immediately, all claims must be made promptly or they will not be valid. Please do not create a dispute over way past due accounts more than 60 days as we will not entertain it.

NB : We have a digital record of all invoices and statements sent. At our discretion a $10 fee may be charged to issue duplicate invoices and statements

If you have any difficuty paying on time CALL US and we will discuss payment terms.

NOTE: You are liable for all accounts even if you sell your business, no exceptions, this is a condition of product supply. All accounts must be settled prior to any business sale.

For all consumables and large equipment we do not offer 30 day accounts. All consumables and other items can only be purchased online. If you really wish to purchase on account we will charge 15% extra, so buy online, you save money. Large ticket items including Software are to be paid in full PRIOR to delivery, no exceptions.

All sales are final, no return for change of mind. All warranties will be honoured by repair or replace at the manufacturers discretion and within Australian law.

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