Orthodontic appliances made correctly will save you valuable time and money. If they fit and function correctly at each appointment half the battle is over.

Fabdent Orthodontek brand of appliances have massed a reputation often envied by others with our build quality precision. We have been doing it a long time, in fact it's how we started back in 1988.

Our policy is to keep things simple and effective so you can be assured you will have the best appliances and they will do exactly what they need to do effeciently. Patient cooperation is also needed of course!

We can make a variety of orthodontic appliances both fixed and removable, please contact us to discuss your designs or treatments goals and we will assist you. See samples below, remember we can modify any design to your liking, just swipe left to view all.

Fixed Appliances

Bonded RPE

Banded RPE with arms

Band and Loop Space Maintaner

Quad Helix Appliance

W Arch Appliance

Habit Appliance

Fixed Sagittal Appliance

Fixed Retainer ( Various designs available)

Fixed WIPLA or Fan expander

Compact RPE Upper

Compact RPE Lower

Nance Appliance

Pendulum Appliance

Trans Palatal Arch

Herbst (Varieties available )

Removable Appliances

Removable Expander

3 way Expander

Crossbite Appliance

Anterior Bite Plate

Hawley Retainer

Begg Wraparound

Twin Block Appliance

Bionator ( Varieties available)

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We have been making orthodontic appliances for more than 30 years and now it's your turn to compare and find out the difference a Orthodontek brand of appliance from Fabdent can make to your dental practice .

Don't hesitate to contact us today .

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