Expansion made easy !

Far superior fit, comfortable and cosmetically pleasing to wear for the patient. Reliable arch development and space creation, Suitable for upper and lower arches.

There are 3 ways to create space:  Expand, IPR or Extract. Expansion is the most accepted treatment for all patients and the i-expander is the most comfortable and efficent expander and perfect for pre-treatment invisible orthodontics

Using a unuque claspless desgn, stainlees steel or titanium screw mechanism and hybrid polymers the i-expander is a robust proven device for many expansion applications in adults and children !

The Aesthetic expander - No labial acrylic, almost invisible!

Superior fit, comfortable and cosmetically pleasing to wear.

Reliable arch development and space creation.

Suitable for upper and lower arches.

Unilateral expansion appliances are available too!

Helps create inter canine width quickly!

Reduces tipping of teeth that canoccur with other removable expanders!


NO SCANNER? Conventional impressions welcome

Easy Adjustment

We recommended the custom i-expander be adjusted weekly one 90 degree turn.  Per month this is 1 mm of expansion. In 3 - 4 months you will often have the expansion needed. If you adjust the appliance too quickly by turning the screw too regiularly the appliance will not fit correctly and treatment may be compromised. Also try and avoid turning the screw backwards  against the arrow as this will often loosen the screw mechanism and it may possibly slip and wind backwards. Screws are single use only. Maximum expansion is 7mm or 28 x 90 degree turns.

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