CAD Brace is a revolutionary method for the precise placement of brackets within a 1 micron tolerance. The accuracy, ease and speed of CAD Brace is superior to traditional bonding techniques. Chair time is reduced, treatment time is accelerated, and re-bonding issues become non-existent. 3D printing technologies help deliver an unprecedented accurate transfer trays system to hold  the brackets in the exact position needed for the most accurate bond possible. Try a case today !

By default we offer Dentaurm Discovery MBT 022 Brackets

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Importing Scans

Virtual Ideal Setup if required

Upper Brackets Placed Automatically

Lower Brackets Placed Automatically

Upper and Lower Brackets

Creating Transfer Tray Outline

Digital Transfer Tray

Ready for 3D Printing

Step 1

The first step is to simply create an account with Fabdent. It's easy and takes only a couple minutes. (click here) Once your account is created, you can fill out the online form in our resources section for and we will send you a download link for the viewing software.

Step 2

The next step is to send us your first case. We will make a digital setup of the brackets from your intra Oral Scans or PVS impressions. If you wish we can supply a quality set of brackets for you or you can provide your own. We use as our default bracket German quality Dentaurum Discovery Smart MBT 022.

Step 3

If want to view your case prior to manufacture we will send you a file you can open with our supplied software with the bracket positions. After approval we will make the transfer trays and place the brackets in them for you. Alternatively we can make the transfer trays without the brackets and you can place them in before bonding.

To check your bracket selection is in our library.

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We have been manufacturing Indirect Bonding Appliances for over 20 years and now it's your turn to compare and find out the difference a CAD BRACE from Fabdent can make to your dental practice .

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